We are the kids that never grew up.
We are the kid that’s somewhere inside you.
We believe in good vibes good music and positivity.
We believe in the overall experience… The sights, the sounds, the atmosphere, the people.
Our aim is to deliver moments of happiness through electronic music culture 

For us it’s about quality over quantity
We want to build a community of like minded people
Who believe what we believe
We want to listen to you
So that we can create even better experiences for you 
So if u have the same values we do.
If you respect other people and their beliefs
If you are a big kid at heart.
If you believe in the power of music to spread happiness.
We welcome u to join our tribe and come for a ride. Like many of you, We don’t know exactly where we are going but that’s part of the adventure. Life is about the journey after all, not the destination.


We run events throughout the year that you can check out in the ‘Experience’ section of our website. We will regularly update our channels with interesting content that tells our story and provides value for our tribe!