The famous Beach Road Hotel in Bondi has played host to many a wild Saturday nights, for the past couple of years it has flown its flag under the brand ‘YOURS’, as with all good things, they must end. Like a phoenix rises from the ashes, so too do promoter parties. Kicking things off with a bang, the new brand called ‘So Far, So Good’, is bringing Melbourne house lord Torren Foot and Sydney based disco king Poolclvb in for a proper romp. Spanning across the two top rooms, The Valley hosting house and the side room hosting hip hop, it’s sure to be a vibe.

You can peep the full month of Feb here and it’s a doozy.

They’ve also put together a fun little mix of tracks from the headliners and supports so far:

So basically if you know what’s good for ya, get on down to Bondi this Saturday for some solid elbow throws and wrist flicks.