As any and all who live in Sydney, have visited Sydney or just generally read the news would know, we have been stripped of our options for the late night boogie. For many this was a favourite time of theirs, from 4am onwards was when the magic happened. With the lockouts coming through and wiping us clean of late night favourites Goldfish, The Backroom, Spice, Daydreams and of course ARQ. Of these sadly only ARQ still stands to give us some hope. However in recent months a few amazing promoters and venues have come together to bring something special, post lock out dancing.


Club 77 has been playing host to Afters, an event concept to come from the amazing promoter team responsible for the Cause parties. So far it has hosted house favourites Simon Caldwell, Jake Hough, Murat Kilic, Sam Arellano, and Matt Weir, needless to say a strong selection of some of Sydneys most reputable selectors. To add to your joy and opportunity for letting your hair down after a long night of dancing, The Flinders has decided to put on a tasty breakfast for everyone, aptly named Sunrise. This has been operating the past few weeks and from all reports, it is an absolute joy, with smiling faces and a sun soaked room it feels just like family breakfast. Top this with S.A.S.H. doing their breakfast on long weekends and a few other late night/early morning events in between and we now have the option to stay out late, which is truly amazing.

To all the great promoters out there doing good things for the scene, please don’t stop, you’re needed more now than ever!