The mysterious man of the South Coast of NSW has returned after a very long hiatus. For the past 6-8 months, there’s been only whisper and rumours as to what is happening with the talented producer, well now you know, he’s back. Returning in style with a brand new track, Someone Else, featuring vocals of Savoi. The track itself is soulful and slow moving, yet oh so nice on the ears. A real song that you could listen to over and over and will suit almost any mood or time of the day.

To celebrate his long awaited return he has decided to tour Australia and New Zealand, packing in a whopping 15 shows for everyone to enjoy! You can sus the full details HERE and see if he’s coming to a place near you. On top of all the good news for old mate, it has also put rumours to waste that Carmada was no more, with them publicly announcing they are still at it and have a TONNE of music starting with their collab with NGHTMRE and Xavier Dunn. Have a listen below and see the full news story on the return of Carmada.