Another Friday and another load of FRESH tunas to get you revved for the weekend ahead. A bunch coming out of Aus and some real dopeness from the rest of the world. Have a listen, throw an arm, crack a beer, pop a bottle of passion pop and enjoy it!

1. PNAU – Control Your Body

PNAU are back in a big way, with Chamleon coming out earlier in the year and now two new tracks, you know they’ve got it brewing. Bringing back a lot of those epic 2005-2009 electro/electro house vibes with them, these new ones are certified to get you dancing.

2. Luke Million – Come Together

Luke Million bringing the daft punk and 90s vibe RIGHT in. This epic synth lord has nailed this one, with the perfect bpm to get you into a rhythm and groove into any dancefloor situation.

3. Exhibitionist – Hands(Willaris K Remix)

Big things are to be expected from this rising star producer, generating a lot of buzz in a very short space of time. This track is very much a slow burner and very moody. A beautiful re-work of an already beautiful song.

4. Letherette – Feel It

Letherette, a personal favourite of mine, has just put out this rolling hammer. A beautifully put together piece of work, ticking all the right boxes from structure, vocal, production and mood. Cannot recommend this enough!

5. Hercules & Love Affair ft. Rouge Mary – Rejoice

If you like disco, if you like funk, if you like being alive, then bloody well rejoice. I can’t really put into words the justification this song deserves, but it is NICE!

Hope this inspires you to get out and dance this weekend x

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