With the massive Defected in the House party a mere couple of weeks away, are putting the spotlight on international headliner Franky Rizardo!

Franky’s interest in electronic music began in his early teen years and his obsession was so much so that he began experimenting in music production at age 14. It wasn’t long before he was getting recognised for his talents, picking up quality gigs as he began carving a career out of his passion. This career would soon take him out of his home-base and onto the world stage with the international scene stating to take notice.


Fast forward to today and Franky is a well known and highly respected DJ/producer with support from some of the biggest names in the game. He has achieved loads of music success, dominating charts with his recent tune, Same Man reaching number 1 status on overal Beatport charts last month. Not content with just DJ’ing and producing the music, Franky runs a radio show and parties under the FLOW brand

Coming soon, Franky is producing the latest Defected in the House compilation album for Defected which will feature 6 new productions and 5 new remixes from the maestro. Make sure you don’t miss out on what will be an amazing experience with Defected in the House Sydney @ Greenwood Hotel April 8! Get discounted tickets through Mpire Entertainment by using the code ‘MPIRE’ or theĀ CLICK HERE for the direct link