This weekend is shaping up to be an absolute delight in both location and music. The team behind Crate Diggers are bringing the second instalment of their rooftop party at the Harbord Diggers this Saturday. With the last one being an amazing event, filled to the brim with smiling faces and people dancing, we are expecting to be even better.

crate diggers

With tunes coming from seasoned selectors like Jake Hough, Robbie Cordukes, The Hatton Brothers, Highbeam, and CD INC all leading the charge and smashing out some romping house and techno tunes, you know you’re in good hands. Paired with an absolutely breathtaking view of Freshwater Beach, it’s the perfect Sunday combination.

You can find all the details HERE and it’ll cost you a crisp tenner to get in, but it’s well worth your while.