Merry Christmas party people! The big day is finally upon us and we are ready for one of the most epic (if not the most epic) parties we have ever thrown. So much crazy effort and concepts have gone into this, all to show you guys an amazing time on Boxing Day. Below is all of the key information that probably has the answers to all your questions plus a LOAD of bonuses you probably didn’t expect. Share this round to any of your mates so they know what’s going on and how to have a safe, fun time at Northern Beaches House Party. We want you to have a rager of a day but your safety is also a huge priority of ours… This article is a bit of column A and a bit of column B. Lets go…


Complimentary drink on arrival to the first 200 people so get down early! The legends at Bacardi have pulled some strings so that the first 200 early birds will get a free drink on arrival to kick off the party. A lot of cool things are happening early like our live artist in the markets (see below).


Markets start at 12pm and go until early evening. Food stalls, amusements, live art and more! Click here to get all the info.


DOOR SALES! Knowing how useless some of you can be (especially Beaches people) leaving things to the last minute, we always leave an allocation of tickets for door sales on the day. There isn’t an endless supply so we suggest you get down early if you are a last minute Larry!


Coming from far away lands? Plan your trip so you don’t end up like this guy. Northern Beaches bus timetable here and there is always carpool + old reliable Uber (f*ck taxis!).


Catch Double Touch on at The Backyard at 3pm. This awesome duo experiment with their extensive musical repertoire to create a tasty fusion of classical and electronic that will really satisfy.

Surf the specials and put less of a dent in your wallet. Summer Bright buckets will be getting smashed out on rooftop. 4 for $20 which is an absolute steal. Chuck a lime in or play around with some of their flavoured ones. Enjoy responsibly.


Don’t be a dickhead! We pride ourselves on having a dickhead free environment for Northern Beaches House Party. If you think you fit into the dickhead category and are going to find it hard not to be a dickhead on the day, probs best not to come. Security will take care of things but we also ensure these kinds of people don’t ever kill our vibes again by banning you from future events.


Good vibes only. This goes back to the post above. While other parties are heavily music focused, we are all about the overall atmosphere and experience. We can’t achieve this environment without a joint effort from our guests. Bring positive happy vibes to our party please. We take this a step further by offering VIBES prizes on the day. Our team will be wandering around looking for people that are adding to the atmosphere of our event (be it making friends with strangers, dancing like an idiot, having a big smile on your face etc) and rewarding those people with drink cards and annual passes to all of our events. Bring those good vibes to our party and we will be there to make sure you get recognition for it πŸ™‚


Catch Klue in The Backyard early in the day. Klue delivers a unique blend of Garage, Soul & Afro beats to his shows that will be perfect for the set time. Did we mention it’s an epic LIVE show?

Don’t take the piss! We are always up for a good time and fortunately the venue are on board with that too… They do have a responsibility to ensure it is safe fun and no one is overly intoxicated, potentially putting themselves or someone else at risk. Don’t take the bloody piss! Pace yourself, it’s a long day and the way you will enjoy it is by keeping your sh*t together. Don’t be that guy!


Bring a Towel & Swimmers in case you want to get wet! We may have gone a bit overboard on our theming and set up a mini pool and spa at the party. If you want to take a dip bring some swimmers Boardies over bulging budgie smugglers preferred but to each his own πŸ™‚


Catch Nyxen in The Backyard late arvo. Nyxen is Australia’s new electronic golden girl! Cracking the top 10 triplej Unearthed list with a bunch of great tunes perfect for daytime House Party vibes.

The Bacardi Mojito bar in The Backyard is going to be all time! Grab any of these bad boys for $15. Don’t get yourself trolley’d though or you’re gonna have a bad time. No one wants to have to leave the party cos of their one mate that slams ten too many cocktails and ends up getting ejected from the venue :p Enjoy that sh*t responsibly.


No Passouts after 6pm. After 6pm a no passouts rule applies for the most part. If you have an emergency or something, security will be cool about it, but in general you need to stick it out with us. We promise to take care of you. This doesΒ not apply to our market area. You will still be able to enjoy the attractions and get food in the markets until they fully wrap up later in the evening.


Catch our main man Kilter in The Backyard for his LIVE headline set. Enough said here…

Dress code is whatever the f*ck you like as long as you cover up your bits and pieces. You might fancy what you got going on down there but it might not be everyone’s taste. We will be surfing around for people dressed in awesome attire and handing out the ‘Good Vibes’ drink cards to legends that made an epic effort πŸ™‚


Stay hydrated! It is gonna be a bloody long day (12pm-3am)… Do yourself a favour and drink some water throughout the day. If your mate looks like fried turkey and been soaking up too many rays on the rooftop (or sinking too many beers), shove some water down their throat.
LO’99 will be dropping some bombs in The Backyard when the sun has gone down and conditions are perfect for his kind of jam.

Another wallet hack: 42 Below + Mother $10 πŸ™‚ Get amongst that sh*t.
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Hot tip: Don’t miss Korky Buchek. These boys are some amazing up and coming DJ/Producers that will be dropping some amazing tunes, a lot of them their own. This is our hot tip for suprise set of the day.
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Feel free to bring some play toys down. If you can’t be away from your teddy for too long, we approve.
Made in Paris closing set on rooftop is going to be an absolute winner. Don’t miss it if it’s your music!

Don’t get lost in the venue. Use this handy map below…


So you don’t lose track of the day and artists you want to see, here are the full set times…



Stay safe and have an amazing Northern Beaches House Party, Boxing Day 2016! Door sales available from 12pm, get in early.