The Boxing Day Northern Beaches House Party is just 4 days away, and tickets and selling fast. We’d recommend you grab one while you still can, but don’t take it from us, take it from the people who have been, and experienced, what the Northern Beaches House Party Experience truly is like.

afsf“First and foremost are the number of different DJs that play, some local and some that have a decent name. Also the fact how they have props around the pub and lastly the number of people they can gather to come”
Connor Brady.


“I love having a big social event at a local hotel, instead of travelling out of the area. It’s nice to see lot of the people that come back to the beaches after being away for the year”

Kane Haggett,

fgg“The whole atmosphere and vibe that the parties portray”
Kate Farrugia




Experience the unparalleled vibe of the Northern Beaches House Party this Boxing Day. Final release selling out fast! GRAB YOUR TICKETS NOW!!!