destructo-winning-feat-problem-bmfThe lord of hard hitting house himself, Destructo, is set to take to our wonderful Australian land again with HARD Festival. We thought it would be caught up with him upon the release of his HUGE new tune, Winning reuniting with hip hop artist Problem.

Mpire: It’s hard to talk about Destructo the artist, without talking about Gary Richards the man and your accomplishments with the Hard brand… Do you find it difficult to separate the two in your work or do you prefer to embrace both sides in everything?

Destructo: To me it is one and the same. Each hat that I wear helps the other side of the coin so it all blends together perfectly.

Mpire: Your new track, ‘Winning’, is another successful collaboration of hip hop and electronic, further solidifying your place as a pioneer of this merger both in your music and events. What is it that drives this direction for you? Is it just something of a no-brainer match in your mind?

Destructo: Electronic music and rap have always blended together from the beginning with the 808’s and the MPC. It is like peanut butter and chocolate it just works.  You need words and melodies over the beats and what is better than all these dope rappers.

Mpire: The ‘HARD’ brand is returning to Australia soon, except you’re doing a festival this time round. Is HARD looking to grow its presence in Aus?

Destructo: Yes I love the Australian crowds.  People in Australia have similar music taste to people in California. The more we can do in Australia the better.

Mpire: You’ve earned a bit of a reputation as being an industry nice guy, which can some times be hard to come by in the world of dance music. What’s your key to staying humble?

Destructo: I am just a fan like everyone else. I have been doing this for so long and it finally caught on.  I do not take anything for granted and really appreciate how big electronic music has gotten. I always remind myself how no one cared about this music for so long. I really appreciate the acceptance now and always stay grounded about my success.

Mpire: With your heavy A&R background, how much of your process is influenced by that mindset vs pure unadulterated creativity?

Destructo: I always go on my gut if it feels good and I like it then I roll with it. Simple and easy formula that I always live by.

Mpire: Have you currently got anything big in the works that is pending release?

Destructo: Yes my Renegade EP will be out in JAN and I can not wait for everyone to hear it.
Mpire: If you had an unlimited supply of money to spend on just one item, what would it be?
Destructo: My own Private Jet.
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