There is currently equal parts hype and mystery surrounding the talented emerging producer BLVION. The awesome tune ‘Reckless’ (from the BLVION EP, Vision) is on repeat in our office. We decided to reach out to her/him/them? Below is what we managed to squeeze out.

US: BLVION is a mysterious entity that has seemingly come out of nowhere to throw down some serious tunes. What can you tell us about this project?

BLVION: BLVION is about conjuring deep and emotive dance floor moments. BLVION is awareness, presence and understanding (of the groove).

US: There has been mixed opinions among our crew of how to pronounce your BLVION moniker… Can you set the record straight for everyone?

BLVION: BLVION is pronounced (bliv-ee-uh n).

US: Your modest 3 track EP does not mess around, was there an interesting creative process behind it or was it quick and easy?

BLVION: The creative process is mostly one of just being spontaneous, capturing the spirit of the moment while recording and layering that fresh emotion right into the groove. Each of these tracks came to be through embracing this process. Then we moved ahead to work out which of the tracks felt best together and the first ‘VISION’ was born. A little 90’s house production ‘know-how’ didn’t go astray either.

US: Reckless is a triumphant song that brings up feelings of dance music nostalgia for us, what was the inspiration behind this tune?

BLVION: I’m glad it has conjured up feelings of nostalgia for you. The inspiration came on the day of recording while we were discussing complexities of love and the raw power that is often displayed by humans and their crazy reaction to it. With that intact, scoring that bassline and garage groove was very intentional and flowed nicely.
It needed to be simple yet hip shaking to embrace the ‘Reckless’ sentiment. A touch of Grace Jones’ bad-ass-presence and spirit found its way into the recording and really enhanced the rhythm and tone of emotion throughout the vocal performance here. It was a memorable experience making this tune!

US: What are you loving the most about the current state of the electronic music scene?

BLVION: The possibility of creating music that can travel far and wide has never been more exciting than it is now.
We have arrived in a futuristic place where we can create almost anything musically through the beauty of technology and limitless imagination. Music can be released quickly, infusing its story and rhythm into the hearts and minds of people at a rapid pace. A melting pot of classic house, garage, deep house and techno moods and grooves feels prominent in the new music that artists are creating in the scene right now. These vibes never left the picture however with such a youthful interpretation of an old school sentiment alongside other new ‘songs’,
its really allowing the electronic scene to flourish creatively. We’re moving in an encouraging direction!

US: Is the shroud of mystery around BLVION going to be a part of the package? Should we expect to see you donning a mask at future performances ala Golden Features or Marshmello?

BLVION: Perhaps there could be an element of theatricality. After all ‘Oblivion’ means – Nothing. Invisible. I may not even be here or there. A headless entity. Time will tell. If an understanding of the groove is present then you are probably dancing and being set free in the moment. That is the most important thing which will allow everything else to fall into place.

We’re not really too sure what information if any will come from the BLVION camp in regards to identity, but either way we are excited for the music that’s to come. Have a listen to the full EP below and purchase here.