Thousands of people (10,000 estimated by organisers, KSO) from all walks of life showed up in Sydney CBD today to protest against the lockouts and Keep Sydney Open.  From the young to the young at heart with everyone from babies to senior citizens in attendance. There was no common denominator among the characteristics of the crowd. The attendance exemplified what the lockout laws have eroded from Sydney’s culture: diversity and unity around music. The rally began at Belmore park, with the crowd marching on to Taylors Square.

Keep Sydney Open organiser, Tyson Koh made an impassioned speech at the rally.

“This is a coming together of people. I’ve seen some newborn babies, I’ve seen some people from all ages, all nationalities, we’ve got gay straight, everything in between. When Sydney comes together, when it’s dancing and when it’s positive, love is in the air and we want to make Sydney late again!”

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Featured image from Newtowner