Today the prominent beat-maker and all-around production wizard Sampology dropped his sophomore EP, Natural Selections. Taking a break from his notoriously entertaining audio-visual shows, Sampology (real name Sam Poggioli) delivers a stimulating fusion of nature-inspired electronic sounds and soulful hip-hop beats.


Stimulation AV Show, Full Set from Sampology on Vimeo.

The EP begins with the title track, a loose percussive track which samples a variety of wildlife noises to create a tune which could be pulled straight from the soundtrack to The Jungle Book. The track develops with the addition of brassy synths and effortlessly sets the tone for the great EP.

Sampology collaborated with Brisbane R&B vocalist Tiana Khasi to create third track on the EP, ‘Thicker Than Water’, a smooth, progressive song which is complemented by the mellow and jazzy Fender Rhodes keyboard.

The EP ends on ‘Bats’ a sonic outlier to the rest of the project. Sampology has dropped the loose, jungle-inspired percussion sections and soul vocalists for a much different soundscape. Synth arpeggiated plucks push the track into a funk genre with crisp guitars and a saturated slap bass adding to the sound. Although it varies tremendously from the other five tracks, ‘Bats’ pulls its weight and is a great closer to the EP.


Written by Ben Xerri