With Case Of The Mondays upcoming release ‘Cut the Shit’ on Unknown Records being a bit of a hot topic at the moment, we decided to catch up with them for some quick Q & A. Covering everything from music to lifestyle and their own desires for free chicken.

US: You’ve been doing your thing for around a year now and have been putting out some killer music, both originals and remixes. How would you best describe the sound that is Case Of The Mondays?

COTM: Without getting too nerdy on the subject, we like our shit deep in tone and ghetto by nature.

US: We’ve had a listen of your yet-to-be released track, ‘Cut The Shit’, and were really impressed with the quality of production. How long has this track been in the works for?

COTM: ‘Cut the Shit’ really surprised us as it came together over just a couple of days. We were attending our weekly “Beats & Steak Night” which happens once a week on Tuesdays. Now if you couldn’t tell the definition by the name, Beats and Steak night is a night we get together to make sure we take the time to write music with each other. We celebrate our successes or our not so successes with a delicious steak dinner. While writing ‘Cut the Shit’, once we incorporated that high pitched vocal scream you hear in the sub drop of the first verse we knew we were going to be eating GOOD that night!


US: Where do you see yourselves in the next 12 months in terms of music? Any goals you’ve got your eyes on?

COTM: Over the next 12 months we are going to be spending as much time as possible writing, playing, and listening to music. Really start to define the COTM sound. Our inspiration comes sporadically from a lot of different areas and aspects in our life so its important for us to stay busy and ‘inspired’. As far as musical goals… We just want to keep this good music coming!

US: You also host your own weekly party in Whistler, Canada, is the idea to create a brand that is equal parts party and music production?

COTM: We honestly haven’t thought that much into it yet. When we started Case of the Mondays as a weekly event we had no idea that the two of us would form the Collaboration. However, as the event evolved into this beautiful house music basement party monster, we realized two things… One being that we have something really special going on here and two, that we really enjoy performing and writing music together. Since this realization we started to put our focus into working together to build Case of the Mondays from the music production side. We will keep hosting our weekly event as we feel right now the two parts coexist perfectly. We are super lucky to have the weekly residency that provides a perfect stage to showcase new music each and every week… not to mention it’s a fucking awesome party!

US: If you guys could have an unlimited bank account to spend on only ONE item, what would that item be?

COTM: Delicious Chicken Wings for the Less Fortunate.

Their new tune is out now and it’s bloody solid so have a listen!