Mndsgn may be an unfamiliar name to you. His music may not trigger any bells, but he has a devout, loyal following within the beat scene. Mndsgn, real name Ringgo Ancheta is part of Stones Throw label, the heart of modern west-coast hip-hop. While he’s not making music, he hosts a breakfast show on the infamous Boiler Room YouTube channel, ‘Breakfast With Ringgo’; a mellow and tranquil showcase of local hip-hop acts and producers, mixed with light conversation and a heavy dose of marijuana.

Today Mndsgn dropped his much-anticipated sophomore album to 2014’s Yawn Zen. The second track on the project, ‘Cosmic Perspective’ showcases some of Ringgo’s best ever work. An infectiously funky bass-line contrasting against the multi-layered synth lines and reverbed vocal part all combine together to create a vibe that sets a zesty precedent for the rest of the album.

Ringgo toned down the psychedelic sounds from his previous works when working on this album. In return, a beautifully structured and continuously vibing album has been fashioned. ‘Ya Own Way’ touches on the laid-back instrumental vibes consistent throughout his previous works but combines this with a funk bass line and a jubilant repeated hook for the chorus.


The funky head-bopping bass lines continue throughout the whole album, combining with various electronic and acoustic soundscapes to create a sonically superb album. Check it out on Spotify below.



Written by Ben Xerri