Brodinski has released his Sour Patch Kids Mixtape exclusively through Live Mixtapes. A while back the French maestro decidedly moved away from the delicious synthy, dark techno style he started out with to experiment with hip hop. That experimentation attracted the likes Kanye West and other big hitters in the game. He then moved even deeper into that space with his debut album. With ‘Brava’ (while disappointing some of his genre purist fans) he seamlessly blended his brand of French techno with trap/hip hop as if it was a no-brainer. Hiding out in Atlanta; Brodinski has continued what he started with ‘Brava’, getting deeper into the Atlanta trap scene. He seems to have found the perfect collaborators with Atlanta… their no nonsense street rap never overshadowing his masterful, often eerily haunting production. Make sure your put this to the test with a decent sound system for the bass workout it will receive.