With Bali being one of the top holiday spots for young Aussies, there will be a big new entertainment offering to sample soon. Hakkasan, the group behind Vegas behemoths (well everything in Vegas is bloody excessive) Omnia, Wet Republic and Hakkasan nightclub have announced plans to open a multi-million dollar dayclub and Japanese restaurant in Bali. In partnership with the KAJA Group and Alila Hotel & Resorts, the two new venues (Omnia Dayclub and Sake No Hana Restaurant) will open up at the Alila Villas Uluwatu as part of the luxury resort’s expansion. If their ridiculous Vegas lineups are anything to go by (boasting residencies that read like a Tomorrowland flyer), there will be a focus on world-class electronic music entertainment. They aim to open mid 2017.

tumblr_n43h97vgc21r3ndd2o1_1280Wet Republic, Las Vegas