2016 has further continued the ideology of the bedroom producer and the immediate access that people have to hundreds of thousands, if not millions of electronic music artists and songs. In this chock-full scene, it’s hard to find a sound and style that hasn’t been used in a handful of other productions.

This is exactly what What So Not has done with his latest project. The Divide & Conquer EP explores original and nostalgic sounds whilst remaining a What So Not production with the underlying trap beats and flavour.

The EP kicks off with the title track. Syncopated 8-bit synth stabs contrast against the melodic lower fuzzy synth line as both instruments transform and develop into a riff which continues into the huge power-synth drop complemented by loose percussion. The opening track then takes a surprising turn as it strips back its instrumentations to reveal a delicate solo acoustic guitar which is short lived as the song kicks back into its second drop.

WSN teamed up with producer Ganz and the young (and prolific) vocalist JOY. to produce ‘Lone’, a track which would seamlessly fill up any main stage tent or amphitheatre around the world.

A surprise feature on the project is Kiwi vocalist & producer Kimbra, known for her glam-pop and amazingly produced songs. Kimbra brings an expressive, emotional and angelic tonality which complements What So Not is his ability to create emotive electronic music.

Emoh, under the name What So Not has once again proved himself to the genre as being one of the definite pillars of Australian electronic music. His varied soundscapes prove that the veteran of the style can continuously innovate and provide quality music which the fans love.

Available on Spotify and iTunes


Written by Ben Xerri