Yes you read that right! If you haven’t heard about it already, there is a platform that allows unofficial remixers to earn money off the success of their unofficial remixes. Metapop is the brainchild of former Beatport CEO Matthew Adell and former Boomrat CTO Michael Mukhin. The way it works is by creating a win-win scenario for both rights holders and remixers. Working with the rights holders, Metapop has built a marketplace of cleared/whitelisted tracks that the remixer can play with risk free… In their own words, “Your remix is cleared, no takedowns, no lawsuits”. Add to that the opportunity to actually make money off your unofficial remix and you have a pretty sweet platform that is the first of its kind. We say why not… With the rapid evolution of technology and social media the world is becoming more and more open source. Instead of resisting the change, businesses should adapt and shift their business model to go with the flow of the river.


For more info go to or jump into one of the remix competitions