Iconic Aussie electronic music label responsible for countless good tunes and countless good times (Anyone lucky enough to experience the ONELOVE @ Tank nightclub days knows what we are talking about), ONELOVE has given birth to a brand new baby label called CLUB LOVE. This series promises simmering hot dance tunes in what is bound to be a beautiful, rewarding relationship… If their first release on the label is anything to go by, it’s going to deliver on that promise.

The first release, (ironically titled) ‘We Are Through’ comes via young Adelaide­ian vibe-
master DJ Dancespace. A snappy house womper with rolling loops and clusters of mega catchy vocals that we just can’t get out of our head!

CLUB LOVE. Vibe tracks.

CLUB LOVE. 100% Pure.

CLUB LOVE. Raw, clean, unbleached, NRG.

CLUB LOVE. The essence of dance.

CLUB LOVE. Not radio songs.

CLUB LOVE. The moistest tunes.

CLUB LOVE. Hot Potatoes.

CLUB LOVE. Gigantic throbbing dance weapons.

CLUB LOVE. More intensity.

CLUB LOVE. Drop your vape wand and dance!

CLUB LOVE. A place for friends.

Welcome to CLUB LOVE.


Available on iTunes and Spotify.